TMT#1 – Two Minute Thoughts

It’s hard to believe that almost ten years ago, I started a blog for the first time. Seven years ago, I somehow succeeded in writing a blog post every day for a year. Frankly, it was rubbish, and I cheated on some days by just posting quote pictures. Then, not long after, it went silent.

A lot has happened in the last ten years. I’ve moved countries three times (UK – Singapore – Canada – UK again), had the opportunity to learn about ministry in four different church staff positions, graduated from two degrees (one in ‘Leadership & Management’, the other in ‘Biblical Studies’) and, of course, had the joy of marrying the love of my life, Sharaya. It’s been a whirlwind.

In the course of that flurry of activity, I found myself unconvinced by the idea of blogging and purged the page of the posts that made me cringe (literally all of them). But enough time has passed. I want to write again.

Recently, someone asked me what my hobby was. It stumped me. Pushing my imaginary spectacles to the top of my nose, I found myself coming to a conclusion that is perhaps even nerdier than my custom made Spider-man costume faux-pas of 2007.

My hobby is learning.

So, rather than be embarrassed of that fact, I’m choosing to embrace. Which brings us to this blog. Its new purpose is to be a place where, like a hyperactive schoolboy, I can enthusiastically share what I’ve learnt. Given my areas of study, it is likely that most content will relate to faith, leadership or the creative arts. Who knows. It could be anything!

But there’s a catch.

No blog post will ever take more than two minutes for the average person to read (apparently, 400 words). Quick. Straightforward. If all goes to plan, possibly even helpful. We’ll see.

That’s the intro. I’m back to blogging. Two-minute thoughts. Want to come along for the ride? I’d love for you to subscribe. I think it might be fun. Until next time!

6 thoughts on “TMT#1 – Two Minute Thoughts

    1. Hi Sharon! Hope you’re well. I don’t know about every day. I’m just going to write whenever there’s something I feel is worth writing about – reasonably regularly, though!

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