TMT#14 The Best Question in Our Marriage So Far

Two years of marriage is not a long time, but we've packed a lot in. We've divided our time equally between two continents, visited thirteen countries, met countless phenomenal people and started to get used to this whole "doing life together" thing. We've taken it in turns to both struggle with and adore our jobs … Continue reading TMT#14 The Best Question in Our Marriage So Far

TMT#12 When/Timing is Everything

According to author Daniel Pink, “we simply don’t take issues of when as seriously as we take questions of what.” In his outstanding book, When: the Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Pink suggests that timing really is everything. Here is a bitesized chunk of his findings: Firstly, we all experience the day in three stages: … Continue reading TMT#12 When/Timing is Everything

TMT#9 POLITICS (2): A Goldilocks Exchange

I recently read "I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening) - A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversations" by Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth A. Silvers. It makes for fascinating reading. Quotes from the book in blue (emphasis added): The recent UK political landscape has become stingingly divisive. It appears more fractious in the USA than … Continue reading TMT#9 POLITICS (2): A Goldilocks Exchange

TMT#8 POLITICS (1): Lessons From Westboro

Westboro Baptist Church is known for hate. Know this: their beliefs are very far removed from what the Bible teaches. That's important to recognise. However, the focus of the next few posts isn't the Westboro Baptist Church. It's politics. At a New York TED Talk in 2017, Megan Phelps-Roper discussed why she left the Westboro … Continue reading TMT#8 POLITICS (1): Lessons From Westboro

TMT#3 Why Paper Books Are (Almost) Dead To Me

Previously, I discussed the steps I'm taking towards digital minimalism: getting digital resources to work as a means and not the end (as social media tends to be for so many of us now). One area that escapes the digital culling process is reading. Presently, I will refuse almost all paper books in favour of … Continue reading TMT#3 Why Paper Books Are (Almost) Dead To Me