TMT#10 Politics (3): Church & State

We're concluding a short political three-parter. Part one encouraged us to assume good intent, ask questions, stay calm, and be prepared to argue our case well (i.e. logically and respectfully). Part two recommended nuanced engagement with politics; realising that although we might disagree on methodology, our motives are the same. Distancing ourselves from discussion or … Continue reading TMT#10 Politics (3): Church & State

TMT#7 Response / Responsibility

Response: a reaction to somethingResponsibility: a duty or obligation to do or be something. The words sound so similar, and yet there's a profound difference between the two. Think about it. A sense of responsibility can come out of response. For example, I love my wife, so I choose to take responsibility for the dishes; … Continue reading TMT#7 Response / Responsibility