TMT#17: Ezekiel and Comfort During Covid-19.

Whether you’ve been a Christian all your life or have never contemplated the things of God before, I’m willing to presume that you don’t spend lots of time in the writings of the Old Testament Prophets. Don’t worry, I can’t say that I do either (I’m working on it). And yet, in this time of Coronial uncertainty, maybe we should. No, let me say that again: really believe we should. Here’s why:

One of the most intimidating books of the Bible, Ezekiel, is set a few years into the people of God’s catastrophic exile into Babylon. Life, as the Israelites knew it, had dramatically changed. They didn’t know for sure if things would ever be the same again. The struggle was real.

But then.

In the very first chapter of the eponymous author’s book, God appears to Ezekiel in a vision. He sees cherubim so majestic he can hardly describe them. He sees something like a heavenly chariot bearing a throne; wheels that can turn in any direction and then, he sees something else. He sees something that looks almost human, gleaming like fire and molten metal; something so astounding—so utterly beyond human comprehension—that all he could do was fall to the floor in reverence. 

He’d seen a vision of God. 

That’s the opening chapter of Ezekiel. That’s it. A vision of a supremely powerful God on the throne. Over all things. Everywhere at once. Untroubled by the challenges that troubled his people. Why?

Because he is in total control. He is sovereign

The people of God were facing the kinds of trials they hadn’t faced for generation upon generation. In fact, they had been facing them for five years. And God appears to Ezekiel with staggering power and unmitigated glory. In doing so, he sends a clear message:

“I am so much stronger than your struggles.”

Today, we are wrestling with crippling change inflicted by Covid-19. Trials that we haven’t faced for quite some time. It’s complicated. It’s challenging. It’s hard. And yet, God is so much stronger than our struggles. This, as much as any other moment, is the time to fix our eyes on God; the King upon the throne who is over all things, everywhere at once, and untroubled by the challenges that trouble His people. 

Whether you would call yourself a Christian or, as I said at the beginning, you have never contemplated the things of God before, my prayer today is that you would see Him in all his glory during these challenging times. It’s comforting and reassuring to know that God is wonderfully good; perfect in love; and stronger than our struggles. 

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